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Subbanna is founder Director of S V S CIRCULATING HYDROPOWER SYSTEMS.

Subbanna is the inventor of the new Circulating Hydro Power System and has committed his entire life to designing and building a revolutionary energy system.


Circulating hydropower system is a disruptive and 100% green renewable energy source that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout all four seasons, and does not require a continuous water supply from the environment.





Puneeth is Co-founder Director of S V S CIRCULATING HYDROPOWER SYSTEMS.

Puneeth is a  designer of new Circulating hydro power system.



Shiva Shankar is a seasoned professional serving as the Director and Chief of Manufacturing, specializing in Circulating Hydropower Systems. With his extensive expertise and leadership skills, he plays a pivotal role in overseeing the manufacturing operations of the company.



Our Director of Business Development is an expert strategist who fuels growth, identifies profitable opportunities, and implements customized solutions to optimize profitability. With their astute market insights and strategic acumen, they drive your business towards success in a highly competitive landscape.


Our Commitments

  1. 100% green renewable energy generation 24 hours, 365 days in all weather conditions.

  2. At Close proximity to consumer site.

  3. High quality power supply at affordable cost.

  4. Stop Carbon emission in energy sector and save natural sources for our future generation.

  5. Potable Water to all living things on the planet earth.

Information Technology


  1. To achieve international excellence in clean energy system development.

  2. To execute and operate projects in an environmentally friendly and socioeconomically responsive manner through efficient and competent contract management and innovative R&D.

  3. Human capital must be developed, nurtured, and empowered.

  4. To use the best corporate governance and competent value-based management to build a strong corporate identity while caring about employees, customers, the environment, and society.

  5. Adopt and invent cutting-edge technology while optimising natural resource consumption through effective management.


To be a global leader in the development of clean energy through competent, responsible, and innovative values.

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